Automatic Doors

New Jersey Overhead Door can help repair your commercial automatic doors.

There are various types of sensors that make automatic doors work:

1.Weight triggered sensors: Hidden sensors, usually beneath the door mats placed in front of such doors, sends signals to its door opener system and open and close the door.

2.Proximity triggered sensors: These sensors also tend to be effective in terms of alerting the door openers to open or close when a person approaches them. They will sense the presence of people approaching the doors and act in accordance.

3.Sound-triggered sensors: Similar to the above-mentioned triggers, there is another form, known as the sound-triggered sensors.

4.Loop-triggered sensors: Automatic Swing Door Operators are a major help not only for people but also for vehicles. Often used in toll booths and freight passages, these sensors seem to work their wonders and make work simpler and much less time-consuming.

It’s great to see automatic doors functioning cleanly making life simpler by the day. These doors have saved labor costs for door-keepers. Besides this, they are the perfect help for children, elders as well as the specially challenged people.

Not only are these doors cost efficient and barring their initial investment, the maintenance is manageable. They also tend to act as the perfect energy savers for large places. The door will be opened only when required hence saving a lot of heating and cooling energy for the enclosed space. Preserving electricity in the long run is a great benefit of this type of door opener systems. It is really important to choose the right door automation systems in order to get the best rewards for one’s requirements.


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